I wanted to share something very personal for me… my pictures so far. Two years ago, when I was on Weight Watchers, I took a few pictures of myself. I’m glad that I did. Looking back on my Weight Watchers picture and comparing it to my current picture from 06/26/10, I was pleasantly surprised to see the difference.

HCG Compared to Weight Watchers

HCG Compared to Weight Watchers

I can see the difference! Can you? In the left picture, I weigh 183 pounds on the HCG diet. In the right picture, I weighed 181.4 pounds on Weight Watchers. Here are the differences:

HCG Compared to Weight Watchers-

HCG: I weigh 1.6 pounds more. My chest is 1-1/4 inches SMALLER on HCG. My waist is 1/2 inch SMALLER. My hips are the same size.

How awesome is that??

This is WHY it is SO important to measure yourself! I didn’t measure myself at the beginning of this diet, but I am now measuring myself TWICE per week! Remember… Pounds AND Inches! :-)

UPDATE: This picture was taken on 6/26/10, and I weighed 183 pounds. As of yesterday, I weighed 181.4 pounds. The exact same weight as my Weight Watchers picture. Out of curiosity, I measured myself again. This picture and measurement comparisons were taken on 06/26/10. As of 6/30/10 (4 days later), my weight is 181.4 and my waste AND hips are a FULL inch smaller than the WW picture! I’m smaller on HCG than I was on Weight Watchers at the EXACT SAME WEIGHT!

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