Starting Weight: 201.6

Today’s Weight: 194.6

Overnight Gain/Loss: -1.2 Yay! Still doing well!

Total Loss: 7 pounds in 4 days!

HHCG: 18 drops 2 x day (I’m trying this for a second day to see if helps with hunger)

I think I am doing quite well, even with the added coconut oil and cocoa. he he.

For breakfast, I had my handy dandy black coffee w/splenda. I drink quite a bit of coffee every day. It helps to keep me full. I probably drink around 3 big coffee cups of coffee. I believe that each cup equals almost 2 cups each, so yeah… that’s quite a bit. I have switched to Maxwell House 1/2 lite coffee, so we are drinking coffee with 1/2 the amount of caffeine. Hopefully, I would like to eventually work my way down to caffeine-free coffee!

For lunch today, I had 3.5 oz. chicken breast, 7 asparagus that i attempted to bread with my ground of breadstick, and 6 strawberries. I made chocolate delights out of some candy molds that I bought from Michael’s. I made the Chocolate Delights from melted coconut oil, cocoa, and splenda. I must be doing something wrong because they aren’t really turning out as sweet as I had thought. Oh well, I like dark chocolate, so I’ll eat them anyway. I ate 4 of them for lunch!

For dinner, I made the family stuffed bell peppers. This is where I completely broke the protocol! I decided to eat a yellow bell pepper. Not protocol at all! I made a mixture of 96% lean ground beef, crushed breadstick, and 1 Tbl. of tomato paste. To this mixture, I added some italian seasoning, salt, and pepper. I stuffed it into my bell pepper and cooked it with the rest. It came out pretty yummy! I ate an apple for dessert. I ate 4 more little chocolate delights.

I drank 4 liters of water tonight. I thought that I should drink extra water considering how “off protocol” I fell today. I can’t say that bell pepper agreed with me, either. There’s nothing like burping up bell pepper all night. EWWW!!

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