I have been walking around on a cloud today. I made it to the 170′s, and I am super excited! I dropped an entire pound overnight. Yahoo! That’s a big number for me. I’m not the fastest *HCG loser* around, so I will take those big numbers when my body allows it! I also slept really well last night. Sleep is VERY important! I can’t wait to take my measurements in 2 more days. It’s hard to resist not taking them everyday, but twice weekly is enough!

Starting Weight: 201.6

Today’s Weight: 179 (yippee! 170s!)

Overnight Gain/Loss: -1.0 (Yay!!)

HHCG: 12 drops 3 x daily

I have hit a milestone today… in more ways than one! First, I hit the 170′s. Second, I am on VLCD day 41, and I’m still going strong. I haven’t  hit a true plateau yet. I believe a plateau is when you stay at the same weight for a long time. The longest I have struggled is 3 days (day 1 and 2- small gain, 3rd day- stayed the same), but I don’t consider it a plateau. I think of it as a momentary stall in order for my body’s fat cells to shrink and release that water inside of them. You can read about that in “Pounds and Inches“.

Grilled Chicken Salad at a Local Restaurant

Grilled Chicken Salad at a Local Restaurant

I had a meeting today at a local barbecue restaurant. This grilled chicken salad was the closest thing that I could eat. I asked for the salad without cheese or olives. It came with a few shredded carrots and bell pepper, so I removed them from my bowl. It looked like there was approximately 4-6 ounces of chicken on it. The chicken was very yummy, so I suspect that the “grilled” chicken was coated in oil to keep from sticking. I’ve read about restaurants doing that! I did not eat my salad with any dressing. I sprinkled it with salt and pepper. I have NO idea how many calories were in it, but I’m going to estimate approximately 330 calories* (chicken- 290; salad- 40) to be on the safe side.

Cheesy Mock Apple Pie with Breadstick

Cheesy Mock Apple Pie with Breadstick

For dinner, I tried to eat a little lighter on the calorie side. I chose to eat a Cheesy Mock Apple Pie with breadstick. Yum! You wouldn’t think it had cottage cheese in it!


Grilled Chicken (290 calories)(*estimate)

Salad (40 calories)(*estimate)

Lunch Total: 330 calories


113 grams of Daisy 2% cottage cheese (90 calories)

115 grams of apple (60 calories)

1 sesame breadstick (23 calories)

Dinner Total: 173 calories

GRAND TOTAL: 503 calories

Water for the day= 1 gallon

Double Batch of coconut chocolate bark: 4 Tbl. coconut oil

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