Weigh Yourself at the Same Time Every Day and Only One Time Per Day!

The scale can make us absolutely nuts! We can step on it a million times per day. What is that going to accomplish? Absolutely nothing! Our weight naturaly fluctuates throughout the day because we drink and eat… we eliminate and we don’t eliminate… There are a lot of variables.

Consistency is the key! My routine is as follows: I wake up in the morning, go to the bathroom, take my HHCG drops,  and weigh myself in my underwear.

If you weigh yourself in the morning and find that you have gained 4 pounds that night, more than likely it’s just food and water that you haven’t eliminated yet. I have weighed 3 or 4 pounds more at night. Sometimes, people will say they dropped weight in the afternoon and gained it the next morning. These are normal fluctuations! Don’t weigh yourself constantly. You are obsessing way too much over the scale! One time daily each morning is enough.

If you work the night shift, then you will have to figure out a routine that works for you. I used to work the night shift years ago. I would go to work at 5 pm and come home around 6 am at times. I would go to bed and wake up around 2-3pm. This is the time that I would choose to weigh myself… after you have at least 6-8 hours of sleep.

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