Okay, so I have finished 21 days of the VLCD (very low calorie diet). If you add in the 2 loading days, I’m officially at a point (23 days) where I can either stop my drops and go into phase 2 or keep going. Well… I think I will keep going! I haven’t hit any real plateaus yet, and even if I did, they may only last a few days. I will still drop inches anyway.

I have learned several things so far that I hope everyone else takes into consideration.

#1- Weigh everything! I have always weighed my meat, but I did not do that for my fruit and veggies. One half a small apple might be all that I can eat for a meal once the calories have been figured in. This might be a reason for your plateau or gain!

#2- Weigh yourself at the same time every day and only once daily! I never had a problem with this. My routine is always the same. I weigh myself in the morning. Our weights fluctuate throughout the day, so it isn’t reliable to be stepping on the scale several times per day.

#3- Drink PLENTY of water! I started out drinking 3 liters of water, which was approximately 1/2 my body weight in ounces. However, I have changed that to one gallon of water per day. I drink my water early enough that I am not in the bathroom during the night. I try to get my last bit of water in around dinner time. My personal opinion is that you really shouldn’t count your coffee or tea as part of your water. I don’t do that. I drink my coffee in the mornings, and when I’m finished drinking coffee, I will move on to my water. I fill up a one gallon jug of water and pour it into a cup throughout the day. It’s premeasured, so I know exactly how much water I have left to drink. My goal is to finish the last cup right after my dinner. This is working really well for me, and I do not get up in the middle of the night at all. Sometimes, I will have an occasional tea at night, and I have had regular diet tea as well. Once again, I do not count the tea as part of my water. You are talking to a water hater! I do not care to drink water. I never have liked it, but I have consistently drank water from the first day that I started this diet.

#4- If you hate drinking water like I do, then add some lemon juice. This is my little trick. I started out adding about 1/2 cup of lemon juice and splenda to a gallon of water to make it taste like a week lemonade. Over the coarse of a few days, I slowly lowered my lemon juice and eliminated my splenda. You get used to it after a while. Our tastebuds change on this diet. Stick it out! (Off protocol- I have added lime juice to my water. I love limeade, but this isn’t on protocol. You can have the juice of 1/2 a lemon every day, but it doesn’t say anything about lime juice. Your mileage may vary (YMMV) so if it makes you gain weight or stall, then DON’T USE IT.)

#5- I have learned that my body does okay mixing certain types of veggies. In the original protocol, you are not supposed to mix anything. You have one meat, one veggie, one fruit, and your grissini or melba. I try to be a little creative, so at times I will mix a little bit of veggies together. I have never mixed my fruit, though. Once again, this is a YMMV sort of thing. If it makes you gain weight or stall, then DON’T DO IT.

#6- I have learned to read a lot. I’m constantly reading the HCG DIET and HCGDIETERS groups on Yahoo. I always watch YouTube videos of other dieters that have conquered this diet. You can find some great recipes on the groups and YouTube as well.

#7- If you can make it 21 days on VLCD, then your thinking about this diet will completely change. In the beginning, it is a struggle. Your stomach feels empty. You might have headaches, constipation, diarrhea, etc… If you stick it out, it DOES GET BETTER. Your body is going through some massive changes and probably some major detox from all of the junk that has been put in your mouth over the years. You WILL get past it!

#8- I have learned that the HHCG (Homeopathic HCG) works for me! When I first purchased the HHCG, I did not realize that as a homeopathic, it doesn’t have any HCG in it. Homeopathics are made by diluting the original substance so many times, but I believe the essence of the product is still left. I really don’t understand it all, but I think that it tricks your body into thinking that you are getting the real thing. It’s much cheaper for me, and I don’t have to mess with buying products from overseas (real HCG is a prescription product, so unless you get it prescribed by a doctor, you will have to purchase it from an overseas pharmacy). There is a man online that set out to prove that the HHCG did not work. He was blogging about it and told everyone that it couldn’t possibly work… you must be losing your muscle and good fat. He went on the HHCG for the intentions of proving everybody wrong. What he found was that he actually lost 27 pounds in 39 days. He used fat calipers and all. Now, he sells his own version of the product in a spray. I have no idea how well it works because I have never used it. My point is that HHCG does work! Now, I have heard that there may be a small group of people that have problems with the HHCG. I don’t know what the percentage is, but I can only suggest that you try it out for yourself.

#9- I have learned the vitamin supplements are a good thing! I take sublingual B-12 every day for my energy. I will also take potassium and magnesium pills on an as needed basis. Every now and then, I get some muscle twitching. I have had this problem before the diet, too. You can take a 99mg potassium pill 3-5 x daily. Magnesium pills are a little trickier. If you feel constipation, you can try magnesium. You will start off your dosage taking the normal amount. Double this amount every day until your stools are loose. Then, back off slightly, and that should be your correct dosage. Another option for constipation is either Smooth Move Tea or a Dieter’s Tea in the evening. It contains senna, which is supposed to help everything move along. I have done this a few times, and it does work. Start off mixing your tea at a weaker strength and gradually build up. I only used my tea two nights in a row, and then I was fine after that. If you are having some intense cravings that you cannot fight, then you can try some L-Glutamine (500mg up to 3 x daily). You can even break open a capsule and pour the powder under your tongue. I have not tried this yet.

#10- Get plenty of sleep! Our bodies work hard at night. One thing that I have noticed is that it seems like I have better losses if I get 9 hours of sleep compared to 7 hours of sleep! Get lots of rest, so your body can do all of the hard work!

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