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My mini load results. It worked. I gained 1/2 pound and lost 1 lb the next day!

Here’s what I ate:
Breakfast: 4 eggs + 4 bacon
Lunch: 200 grams of sirloin steak
Snack: Mug Cake (recipe below)
Dinner: Two McDonald’s double cheeseburgers (NO BUN)
Snack: Mug Cake

Total Calories: 2780 (134 grams of protein, 220.5 grams of fat, 10 grams of carb)
Approximately 20% protein, 72% fat, 2% carbs

Mug Cake Recipe:
2 Tbl. almond flour
1/2 Tbl. cocoa
1/2 Tbl. dark cocoa
1-1/2 Tbl. xylitol
1 egg
3 Tbl. heavy cream
1 Tbl. butter (or coconut oil) (I didn’t even melt my butter. I cut it up into small cubes)
Splash of vanilla flavoring (I used 2 packets of Splenda for coffee vanilla flavor)
Coffee Mug

Combine flour, cocoa, and xylitol in mug. Add egg and blend thoroughly. Add cream, butter (or oil), and vanilla flavoring. Mix well. Cook in 1000 watt microwave for 90 seconds. Do not cover. Cake will rise. Let cool.

You can either place on a plate or eat directly from the mug. I added 1/4 cup of whipped cream (whipped with sweetener) and ate it directly from the mug. YUM!

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I’m still recovering from my tennis tournament last weekend. I’ve switched back to homeopathic as of yesterday, and I’m doing a mini load day today to jump start my weight loss for the rest of this round.

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Just checking in from this past weekend. I had a tennis tournament, and I’ve been playing the past 4 days. I’m retaining fluids from tennis as well as a sunburn. Oh well. It is what it is! It will come off!

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Today, I talk about what I learned about the dreaded “constipation” word again. Also, I discuss what I used for tennis the night before… Electro-Mix by the makers of Emergen-C. It works AWESOME!! I use a double dose. 2 packets per one liter of water. I went through 2 liters of water last night and 4 packets of Electro-Mix. Woo! It worked great!! It has no calories, either! I talk about a little bit of frustration at the end of my video. If you are my friends, and you are reading this… sorry, but we all have times of frustration. It’s just a fact of life. It’s hard when people around us don’t notice that we have lost weight or that we don’t exist. I don’t like that feeling at all. We need to talk about our feelings and learn to work through it. People need to know that we are only human, and everybody goes through some major emotions when dieting. Enjoy!

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Today’s topic: Constipation! LOL. Sorry, but the reality is that people do experience it on this diet! Someone has to talk about it! Plus, I talk about my plans for tennis this week. I’m trying something new! Enjoy!

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Today, I talk about where I’m at on the 7 day mini challenge. Plus, I give a huge number of shoutouts to a bunch of my favorite HCG dieters on YouTube. I also talk about the Disney Princess Marathon that people are talking about which is coming in February in Florida. Enjoy!

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